CJ MaintenanceYour Satisfaction, Our Excellence

We take pride in delivering absolute quality and satisfaction to all our customers because before we are a company, we are a Service. Therefore whatever needs are important to you are also important to us.

It is this level of excellence and attitude that has gained the trust and confidence of our customers. "Professional Service" is serious to us and has always been the foundation of our company. For this reason, our success has grown with commercial, industrial, institutional and medical organizations.

Our goals and aspirations begin with self analyzation of how we can improve the company to better service your needs. If we can improve and be better, then we will excel and the final product of such efforts is an Improved Better


"My vision and desire is that my company would always offer our customers a sense of security, excellence and accountability. Therefore I know that the quality of work we provide will eliminate any previous uncertainties from bad experiences with other companies."

"It is said, `A great name is better than riches.' To me there's nothing more important than to establish my company as the most reputable name in the cleaning industry. You may ask, why a reputable name? The reason is, what's the use of being the dominant leader of the industry with a horrible reputation which will eventually crumble what I have worked so hard to establish. You and I know there are far too many companies who only care about making money. But, my priority is to serve you first. If I can give quality in return for a great name, then to me, I'm accomplishing success. Nothing else matters because my name is attached to this company!"

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